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215 E Main St, Ste 202, Northville, MI 48167 - (248) 349-9336


I recently completed eight weeks of physical therapy at you facility which was recommended by my physician to help with my back injury.

During my time at Northville Physical Rehabilitation, I found it to be an exceptional treatment facility. Each therapist and staff member was courteous, sincere, and extremely supportive. They gave me the help that I needed during my rehabilitation.

Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend your facility to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Demetra D.

To all the staff at Northville Rehabilitation, thank you so much for all your continued support on my behalf. Truly a very impressive group of professionals. I will never hesitate to refer people here!! I appreciated you all so very much!


My journey has been full of surprises - good ones! I learned that this was "my" therapy and that I had to fully participate if I wanted the results that were desired. All of you helped me not only get my "range of motion" back but helped restore and renew my "range of thought" and redevelop a sense of normalcy free of pain. For this participation in my journey I shall forever be grateful. You met me where I was and helped guide me to where I had to get - and supported me all the way! "Thank you" somehow seems inadequate compared to the gift you bestowed.

I was very much taken with all of your professionalism as well as your kindness. It warms the heart to witness and participate in the efficiency of your work. To witness how well you all worked together and complimented each other only strengthens the effectiveness of what you get accomplished. I was the beneficiary of all this and I feel richly blessed to have been in your capable hands.


Northville Physical Rehabilitation, owned by Dennis Engerer, is a professional, friendly and caring place for physical therapy. The PTs are very knowledgeable and helpful and really listen to their clients. I would highly recommend this PT rehab as it has helped me immensely with [. . .] relieving back pain and strengthening muscles . As a diabetic and a kidney patient, I receive a well-planned program for my many needs. The attention [patients] receive is special and [NPR's] program is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed. The equipment is top notch and up-to-date. Also, many senior citizens are steady customers of the new exercise facility. The overall atmosphere is caring with many experienced PTs and assistants working to ensure success with their clients.


Northville Physical Rehabilitation is the heart of the Northville community. Dennis Engerer and his staff of very knowledgeable and caring therapists truly restore us physically when we hurt and cheer us with their bright, friendly spirits each time we are with them.

And, we find so many wonderful people from our area who come to Northville Physical Rehabilitation for care and then continue to come for the good health benefits of ongoing exercise and shared friendship, that we see NPR is truly the heart of our Northville community.


Treatment at Northville Physical Rehabilitation has been a win/win experience for me. I feel better and I know how to maintain my improved physical well being. That's because NPR professionals are not only good therapists; they are good teachers.

They explained to me how my treatment would help my problem, monitored me as I learned to use the equipment, and patiently coached me in my exercise routine. And they know how to listen!

Now that my prescribed therapy is completed, I'm enrolled in the Fitness Program. For a nominal monthly fee, I can use the facility at any time, and I can always ask a therapist to check that I'm doing my maintenance exercises correctly. As a lifelong educator, I laud my friends at NPR for their ability to respect, reassure and motivate each and every patient.


Northville Physical Rehabilitation saved my season! I tore my rotator cuff early in my wrestling season and I was told I needed surgery to repair it. It turns out all I needed was physical therapy from experienced therapists! The therapists at NPR relieved my pains and then worked to strengthen my shoulder.

I was treated with the utmost care and concern the whole way. They constantly made sure that I was comfortable and they reassessed my injury every time I came in. I was also shown exercises I could do at home which really sped up my recovery process. Within no time I was able to return to the mat and finish my season strong. I believe that the professional therapists at NPR are solely responsible for my quick recovery. Without them, I would have gone through a lengthy surgery that would have wasted my time and caused me a great deal of unnecessary pain.

Thank you Northville Physical Rehabilitation, I couldn't have done it without you!


I thought everyone I worked with at Northville Physical Therapy was wonderful. You all seem to really care about people. I always looked forward to coming [. . .] The actual rooms were so much more attractive than the other two places I went to. You also had so many more machines. The TVs were also appreciated!


I am very grateful to Northville Physical Rehabilitation Center for the service they provided to me. Everyone was incredibly friendly and kind. I felt very comfortable going there and I felt improvement right after the first week. I recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy. Thank you everyone...


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