Pregnancy & Postpartum Problems

If you are expecting or have recently delivered, you should schedule a prenatal or postpartum check up with our women health specialist. Our specialist will ensure you are contracting the right muscles when you practice Kegels. During pregnancy we also look into your posture, habits and exercises that can help decrease low back pain during pregnancy and allow you to stay strong and fit.

Pregnancy and childbirth brings substantial changes to your body and lifestyle regardless of the method of delivery, choice of breastfeeding's or medical complexity of pregnancy.

Postpartum Physical therapy check ups usually occur 6 weeks after delivery. In postpartum visit we examine any scarring from c-section or vaginal deliveries and diastasis recti (separation of your abdominal muscles from the abdominal wall). We also address any concerns with urinary or fecal incontinence, pain during sex. We teach new moms good postural habits for holding, nursing and caring for the new born that minimally strain their own bodies.

Sometimes women wait months or years to seek a postpartum physical therapy. We are happy to address any of your physical concerns no matter how long you have waited.

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