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Dec 04, 2019
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"Denise listened to what my needs and concerns are and applied her knowledge, compassion and consideration to truly helping me out for what I consider the 1st time with all the rehab I"ve been thru for the past 30 years. I would highly recommend her for spinal issues."
Dec 03, 2019
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"Derek has been very, very helpful and knowledgeable - as well as the other therapists who have assisted me. I never get the feeling like they’re just going through the motions, like a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, I feel like their approach to me is specific to me. Very pleased with the whole experience - including the admin asst’s and billing manager. Excellent!"
Nov 28, 2019
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"I loved the place and their services.Thanks to my physiotherapist who helped me in my recovery and cleared my doubt.They are one of the oldest physiotherapy place and I can say they are like "old is gold ".Office staff, PTs and owner all are very caring"
Nov 18, 2019
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"Great therapist!!"
Nov 14, 2019
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Nov 12, 2019
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"Clean, well equipped , friendly staff. Professional and knowledgeable physical therapists."
Nov 07, 2019
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"Sabina and Linda are wonderful. The facility is bright, welcoming, and very clean."
Nov 05, 2019
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"Great and knowledgeable physical therapists who know and work well directly with their patients, and do not “hand off” patients to PT assistants. Nice facility too. I’ve been to numerous physical rehab clinics over the years before a doctor recommended Northville Rehab, and Northville Rehab is consistently superior to all the others that I have tried."
Nov 05, 2019
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"Excellent staff with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment"
Oct 29, 2019
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Oct 17, 2019
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Oct 15, 2019
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"There are many choices for physical therapy in North Western Wayne County. Northville Physical Rehabilitation should be at the top of your list. Their knowledge, care, professionalism and facilities sets them apart. Outstanding results on two different occasions. I wouldn't go anywhere else for rehab care."
Oct 11, 2019
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Oct 10, 2019
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"I would recommend Northville Physical Rehab to anyone. Sabina was my therapist and she was very pleasant and helpful. The whole staff is wonderful. It is kept very clean and has everything you need. I would return if ever needed."
Sep 12, 2019
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"Derrick is the best therapist! I came in with a rotator cuff problem and within the first week, My range of motion improved significantly."
Sep 12, 2019
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"Very accommodating due to my schedule constraints. Highly recommend Dennis, Ahmed and other PT's here."
Sep 10, 2019
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"Have been to Northville Physical Rehab about three times,. Sabina, Derek and Lynn have been great. Always inquire as to my progression, Would highly recommend your facility.,"
Sep 03, 2019
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"Dennis provides a great facility, staff and care. I have been a patient several times over the past 15 years. I always request NPR from my doctor when I need physical therapy. Dan"
Aug 28, 2019
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Aug 24, 2019
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"I went here after total knee replacement. Marisa, my therapist, explained what each exercise and stretch was for and allowed me to go at a pace that was perfect for me. With the help of the tech, Mariana, and their encouragement, support and care, I couldn't have had a better experience after surgery. All the therapists and techs are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The facility, thanks to Dennis, the owner, is clean with a pleasant environment. It is first class. I HIGHLY recommend Northville Rehabilitation."
Aug 23, 2019
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"Excellent experience at Northville Physical Rehabilitation! Appreciate their knowledge, friendly and supportive atmosphere, flexible schedule and their staff! Would highly recommended."
Aug 11, 2019
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"Always very helpful and attentive, assist with use of machines for long term fitness."
Aug 02, 2019
"I came to Northville Physical Therapy on April 22i a lot of pain with arthritis. Derek, Lynn ,Sabine & dennis got me going again today i am pain free been going to the gym 3-4 days a week. i thank Derek for his head work getting rid of my pain.i personally recommend Northville Physical rehab ,they are the best."
Aug 02, 2019
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"Great staff and Great service. I have few sessions but already having lot of relief on my left shoulder. I recommend Northville Physical Rehabilitation and PT( Ahmed )100% positive."
Jul 19, 2019
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"I'm very pleased with my decision to use Northville Physical Rehabilitation Center for my physical therapy after my knee replacement. They are a first class center with skilled Physical Therapists. My primarily physical therapist was Marisa (she's very skilled) with a strong assist from Chris. I would highly recommend Marisa, Chris and the entire staff to others!"
Jun 15, 2019
"Therapists worked with my husband who has dementia for about eight months. Their help was invaluable in keeping him mobile and improving the quality of his life. I will be forever grateful for their help!"
Jun 02, 2019
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"Therapists worked with my husband who has dementia for about eight months. Their help was invaluable in keeping him mobile and improving the quality of his life. I will be forever grateful for their help!"
May 31, 2019
"The entire staff is friendly and incredibly helpful. My entire family, father, mother, brother, me and my son have all been patients here and Dennis is like part of our family. They really helped my son learn exercises to strengthen his shoulder for baseball. For any PT needs in the area, I HIGHLY recommend this place."
Apr 11, 2019
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"would highly recommend to anyone who needs rehab. The entire staff is friendly, professional and personable. My therapist Kevin James was outstanding. I Had a total knee replacement, and he and other therapists were very knowledgeable, and thorough . They knew how far to stretch and manipulate the knee and pushed me to do my best. In the end it paid off very well. Thanks to all the staff for their help. Great Job Kevin !!"
Feb 22, 2019
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"My dad, Kevin, works here and he has worked hard for this job so I just wanted to give him a good review."
Feb 14, 2019
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"I have received physical therapy last year for my neck and later for my shoulders. Both times I had Derek for my primary therapist. He was very professional in his treatment of me and over time corrected the issues that brought me here. I also felt that the assistants, and others (including the front desk) were very supportive during my time there."
Jan 21, 2019
"Northville Physical Rehabiliation is a great facility for anyone trying to recover. They work closely with doctors to have the paperwork done and update us. The best part is the facility and therapists. The facility has wide range of fitness equipments that addresses most of the problems. I am always surprised to see new techniques / equipments used on different type of patients. They have lot of therapists who work closely with Dennis to administer the program. Dennis goes over and above normal and tries to truly help patients. Same is true with all their therapists - they really try hard. They listen to your suggestion and try to modify the program so they can best serve you. I greatly recommend this facility."
Jan 16, 2019
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"Dennis and his team are very friendly! They care about the well being and future independence of their patients. I have been a patient here for many months and credit my sucess to the team at Northvilke Physical Rehabilitation. If you are on the fence about going to rehabilitation I urge you to give it a chance you wont regret the results"
Jan 15, 2019
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"I’ve been visiting this rehabilitation for several years. Here each patient are treated individual attention. They’re very welll knowledge . I recommend everyone to come here for treatment."
Jan 15, 2019
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"Very clean facility. Therapists are very friendly and through.....Dennis...the owner works directly with patients too and just a very nice environment."
Jan 12, 2019
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"Worked wonders for my IT band issues! The owner, Dennis, works so hard to insure that everyone is taken care of! There are so many wonderful and friendly therapists. I really felt very welcome and comfortable."
Jan 12, 2019
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Jan 12, 2019
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"Northville Physical Rehab is a neat and a pleasing facility. Dennis is an expert therapist. I am very happy with my treatment. If need arises, I will certainly go back to that facility."
Jan 04, 2019
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"During the past 3 years I have received 2 month long sessions for back/hip issues. I have been completely satisfied and will certainly use Northville PT for any future PT. You folks are great!"
Dec 10, 2018
"Feel so fortunate to have been referred by a friend to Northville Physical Rehab. The entire staff is professional, pleasant & supportive. Sabina & Kevin were incredible!! My knee feels strong again & I have been able to return to my active lifestyle. Thanks for your care & encouragement!"
Dec 03, 2018
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"The best! I worked for a rehab hospital near Chicago for over 10 years, and saw extremely high quality inpatient and outpatient physical therapy everyday. Following surgery for a shattered elbow, I received my rehab at Northville Physical Therapy and was incredibly impressed. They are knowledgeable, responsive, compassionate, and professional. They helped improve my mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance. My surgeon can't believe my outcome, compared to his other similar cases. I had a great surgeon who put my elbow back together, but I benefited equally from the great physical therapy team at Northville Physical Therapy, who helped it move again! Thank you!"
Aug 22, 2018
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"This place saved my life literally and added quality of living for me over the last 8 years . The owner and staff are very professional and helpful. They constantly review and create a plan for healing for each individual. 99.9 % believe you where it hurts and what obstacles you face . The in house and at home plan for recovery or maintenance is spot on. Most insurances are accepted or they will work with you on a financial plan. Highly recommended!"
Aug 06, 2018
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"I was very happy with my rehab Marisa set me up with, and the program of exercises. She answered all my concerns and everyone was very courteous and helpful. I would come back if need be in heartbeat. Five stars"
Aug 06, 2018
"Derek , Dennis , Lynn&Sandy are great"
Jun 28, 2018
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"Visited for several sessions this past winter. I'd had back problems for some time, but was experiencing severe pain before working with Craig. He helped identify the core issues and showed me all the right strength building exercises to fix it. Thank you!"
Jun 09, 2018
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"I was so happy how diligent everyone was with working with my insurance company! Connie was the best, and I was kinda sad when my therapy sessions ended!!"
Feb 13, 2018
"Very satisfied every time I come here. Derek is the best. I had very good results. I will probably not need knee surgery. VW"
Jan 18, 2018
"Northville Physical Rehabilitation is an excellent facility. The women at the front desk are knowledgeable, considerate and always pleasant when they greeted me and when they helped scheduled my appointments.The PT assistants I worked with were all very good and friendly. Denise was my PT and the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She is skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She has a natural ability to be a physical therapist. I was fortunate to have Denise with Lorn as a combination. Both Lorn and Denise know how to brighten your day with their sense of humor and upbeat dispositions. Lorn is experienced and proficient at her job. They are an outstanding team. I highly recommend Northville Physical Rehabilitation."
Aug 05, 2017
"Sabine and Lynn are great!!!! This is my second time in rehab and each time they have helped me. They are very knowledgeable, professional and caring people. I am feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy. Thank you so much."
May 31, 2017
"Thank you so much for helping me to recover from my ankle injury. Your care was professional, compassionate, and competent. This was my second time to have P.T.; both times I received the best of care. Thank you to Dennis Engerer, Kristy Wolcott and the entire staff."
May 21, 2017
"Kuddos to my PT, Sabina Ahmen. Sabina's knowledge, patience and concern was above and beyond. She made my sessions more tolerable and always with that great smile of hers. She explained everything to me and why we were doing what we did. Here genuine concern for my knee meant a lot. Also appreciated her involvement with student PTs. Was also at the facility in December of 2015. Little disappointed with the Physical Therapist then, but that is in the past. Did not dissuade me from coming back. Kuddos also to Lynn and Justin... I still do my stretches and exercises at home and think of the times at PT. The mantra - if you don't use it - you lose it. I highly recommend this facility and will forever grateful for the care I received. Will also think of Sabina as a wonderful PT and a friend... l"
Apr 19, 2017
"I have had experience with Northville Rehabilitation as a result of 2 separate injuries the first was for my leg and second was for a dislocated shoulder. Therapy is both instances were excellently performed by Sabrina and her staff. I will recommend them to our friends."
Mar 22, 2017
"I have been a patient here twice. I can say that because of my treatment and care of staff. They have exceeded my expectations and I am no longer limited by my injuries. Now, I am keeping a new heart valve healthy by regularly using the facility for exercise."
Mar 22, 2017
"Since the first visit to the rehab I feel very comfortable, they treat me kindly. I can ask my doubts and they do not hesitate to answer my questions. I feel like a very big family. Derek was my therapist, he did his job with respect and professionally, he was persistent until you get your goals. The assistants did their job carefully and with love. You can see at the center the good atmosphere, so that is I recommend Northville Physical Rehab to everybody and it will be my center forever."
Feb 15, 2017
"I had a great experience with NPR thanks to physical therapist Craig. I came in the office in pain and ended with barely any pain. He is awesome and great at what he does. I am gad I came to NPR PC and would recommend NPR PC to anyone. Thank you Craig for fixing me."
Jan 06, 2017
"I am more than pleased with the rehabilitation I received from Craig. He listened carefully and then proceeded to do his very best. Craig presents a clean, friendly atmosphere. I recommend them highly, A+++."
Dec 22, 2016
"Kudos to Dennis and the team at Northville physical rehabilitation. Twice I've limped in with a cane after a hip replacement and then walked out with a normal gait within a few weeks. Awesome. What else can you ask for?"
Dec 21, 2016
"I am more than pleased with the rehabilitation I received from Craig. He listens carefully and then proceeds to do his very best! Craig (and Laurie) present a clean, friendly atmosphere. I recommend them highly, A+++"
Dec 15, 2016
"Very pleasant front desk staff - Craig is caring and asks how you are. Great at what he does - plus he's cute."
Nov 15, 2016
"Craig is great."
Nov 15, 2016
"Craig is an excellent therapist who makes you feel welcomed and at ease."
Nov 08, 2016
"Hands down the best physical therapist - Derek. The office staff Kim and Ashley were very kind and courteous, were always smiling and truly cared about me!"
Nov 03, 2016
"From the first visit, I saw and experienced the professional work. I felt confident in the person and the place, and that they were capable of handling my case. The therapy was consistent and well managed. My therapist did her best and I am better now. Thanks!"
Oct 27, 2016
"Outstanding work by Derek Ornekian in rehabilitating my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. Great job by him and his entire support staff! Everyone was enjoyable to work with as well!"
Oct 24, 2016
"All employees have been friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My progress has been fantastic, a lot of it due to the attentiveness of the staff. My questions are answered and I have complete confidence in those assisting me. A positive experience!"
Oct 24, 2016
"Thank you for your great service, especially from Connie Freeman. She has helped me greatly in my physical recovery. She knows how to serve and is very professional in O.T. She explains what she is doing and I trust her judgements. She has become a friend."
Oct 20, 2016
"Everyone couldn't be more professional and attentive to my problem. Through hard work by everyone, my issue was resolved. I would highly recommend this facility to all. Thank you"
Oct 14, 2016
"Sabina was amazing!!!! She was able to push me each and every visit to get my knee back into shape, but she was also able to tell when I had reached my limit of pain. My knee is now functioning well, and I am mobile again!! If I need PT again, this is the place I will come."
Sep 14, 2016
"I highly recommend Northville Physical Rehabilitation. My physical therapist, Denise, is highly skilled, was attentive to my progress and cared about my wellbeing. Due to my specific injury my recovery is slow, but one on one time with Denise has helped decrease my pain and and increase my function. All the staff were very helpful!"
Sep 07, 2016
"My time with Craig and Brandon and Jen at Northville Physical Rehab nurtured me physically and mentally. I feel like I made good friends while working to improve myself physically. Way to go, team!"
Aug 12, 2016
"Natalie, and the all other therapists and assistants who worked with me, were terrific. They are all very kind, understanding and patient. While I still have a way to go to get back to where I want to be, They got me started and continue to encourage me, now that I am on my own. Keep up the good work."
Jul 31, 2016
"Sabina is a skillful, caring therapist. She listens to my concerns and has made a big difference in my mobility."
Jul 29, 2016
"The facility is very clean and the staff are all very kind. Natatlie did a great job helping me feel better through aqua therapy."
Jul 17, 2016
"Excellent rehap. real good equipment and professional help. I'm much stronger and able to walk and go up stairs. Thank you, Charles Clark"
Jun 30, 2016
"I worked with Natalie Grant and she is wonderful. She selected very appropriate exercises and I made great progress. I appreciate her one on one interactions and discussions. She's great, be sure to keep her!"
Jun 28, 2016
"when I first went I was very shy and nervous. but they all worked to make sure I was comfortable, one thing was when Jen asked me what music I want to listen too. She always wanted me to be as happy and comfortable as possible in my time of need. Craig, Brandon, and Jen always brought a smile to my face ad made sure I was laughing. Sometimes when I went Jen wasn't there and I missed having someone to talk to and make me laugh. over all it was a great experience and I am thankful I met all three of them! It wouldn't have been the same with out any of them and my mental state during my injury would have been awful."
Jun 23, 2016
"Three members of my family have been treated by the team of Craig, Brandon and Jen. We had great service by the entire team. Jen did a fabulous job of getting my teenager warmed up. She went the extra mile and built a relationship with my child. I feel without Jen, this would have been a totally different experience because she took the time to figure out how to get my child talking. Craig and Brandon are very skilled and I would wholeheartedly recommend this team. We are all feeling much better after treatment."
Jun 23, 2016
"Derek does a great job with physical therapy. NPR facility is clean and very well equipped. Staff is cordial and outgoing. Great place to get rehab."
Jun 20, 2016
"On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most satisfied- I rate both the facility and my therapist a 10. I have really been helped so much more than physical. I will be returning recommending to others."
Jun 20, 2016
"I had a very good experience all around with Northville Physical Rehabilitation! My therapist Natalie was very skilled, knowledgeable, patient and kind. Everyone here is very professional and the facility and equipment is always clean. I highly recommend for any P.T. needs."
Jun 13, 2016
"Great therapy-AGAIN- 4th time here, this time for back- once again I am all better!"
Jun 13, 2016
"Kim, Ashely, Derek and Sandy are amazing."
Jun 13, 2016
"Sabina Ahmed was fantastic.She was very kind, very helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone. Everyone else here was very kind and helpful. I worked with Lynn and he was great also."
Jun 07, 2016
"Natalie and Regina were awesome! Very friendly and made me feel comfortable on my first day. They were very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them."
Jun 07, 2016
"Wonderful place. I improved at least 80%. They are very flexible with schedules and you can call anytime with problems that arise. Would recommend you to anyone because when I started I never thought I was going to improve."
Jun 07, 2016
"Appreciate the flexibility working with our schedule. Grateful for help you extend to those without insurance (or with really high deductibles). Staff is always kind and courteous, takes time to answer any questions."
Jun 03, 2016
"Excellent therapists (Craig/Brandon) and staff. All were very attentive to my personal injury, pain and improvement. I have highly recommended the therapists (and staff) and facility to my surgeon."
Jun 03, 2016
"Five stars across the board. The most knowledgeable and compassionate therapists I have ever worked with."
Jun 03, 2016
"Natalie is excellent!!!!!! Very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. Therapy was always on time."
Mar 28, 2016
"Great experience - really like Dennis and Northville Physical Rehab."
Mar 11, 2016
"Great service, great staff, got me back to 100% fast. They have tons of equipment that I needed to get my shoulder performing like new after a serious shoulder surgery. Plus I was introduced to new exercises and new equipment I had no idea would help heal my shoulder. I worked directly with Dennis and Joe who gave me 1 on 1 service to make sure I was taking the proper steps to recover. Their facility is awesome and I am writing this review from one patient to the next, check out Northville Physical Rehab they are the best in Michigan. "
Dec 06, 2012
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I recently completed eight weeks of physical therapy at you facility which was recommended by my physician to help with my back injury.

During my time at Northville Physical Rehabilitation, I found it to be an exceptional treatment facility. Each therapist and staff member was courteous, sincere, and extremely supportive. They gave me the help that I needed during my rehabilitation.

Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend your facility to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Demetra D.

To all the staff at Northville Rehabilitation, thank you so much for all your continued support on my behalf. Truly a very impressive group of professionals. I will never hesitate to refer people here!! I appreciated you all so very much!


My journey has been full of surprises - good ones! I learned that this was "my" therapy and that I had to fully participate if I wanted the results that were desired. All of you helped me not only get my "range of motion" back but helped restore and renew my "range of thought" and redevelop a sense of normalcy free of pain. For this participation in my journey I shall forever be grateful. You met me where I was and helped guide me to where I had to get - and supported me all the way! "Thank you" somehow seems inadequate compared to the gift you bestowed.

I was very much taken with all of your professionalism as well as your kindness. It warms the heart to witness and participate in the efficiency of your work. To witness how well you all worked together and complimented each other only strengthens the effectiveness of what you get accomplished. I was the beneficiary of all this and I feel richly blessed to have been in your capable hands.


Northville Physical Rehabilitation, owned by Dennis Engerer, is a professional, friendly and caring place for physical therapy. The PTs are very knowledgeable and helpful and really listen to their clients. I would highly recommend this PT rehab as it has helped me immensely with [. . .] relieving back pain and strengthening muscles . As a diabetic and a kidney patient, I receive a well-planned program for my many needs. The attention [patients] receive is special and [NPR's] program is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed. The equipment is top notch and up-to-date. Also, many senior citizens are steady customers of the new exercise facility. The overall atmosphere is caring with many experienced PTs and assistants working to ensure success with their clients.


Northville Physical Rehabilitation is the heart of the Northville community. Dennis Engerer and his staff of very knowledgeable and caring therapists truly restore us physically when we hurt and cheer us with their bright, friendly spirits each time we are with them.

And, we find so many wonderful people from our area who come to Northville Physical Rehabilitation for care and then continue to come for the good health benefits of ongoing exercise and shared friendship, that we see NPR is truly the heart of our Northville community.


Treatment at Northville Physical Rehabilitation has been a win/win experience for me. I feel better and I know how to maintain my improved physical well being. That's because NPR professionals are not only good therapists; they are good teachers.

They explained to me how my treatment would help my problem, monitored me as I learned to use the equipment, and patiently coached me in my exercise routine. And they know how to listen!

Now that my prescribed therapy is completed, I'm enrolled in the Fitness Program. For a nominal monthly fee, I can use the facility at any time, and I can always ask a therapist to check that I'm doing my maintenance exercises correctly. As a lifelong educator, I laud my friends at NPR for their ability to respect, reassure and motivate each and every patient.


Northville Physical Rehabilitation saved my season! I tore my rotator cuff early in my wrestling season and I was told I needed surgery to repair it. It turns out all I needed was physical therapy from experienced therapists! The therapists at NPR relieved my pains and then worked to strengthen my shoulder.

I was treated with the utmost care and concern the whole way. They constantly made sure that I was comfortable and they reassessed my injury every time I came in. I was also shown exercises I could do at home which really sped up my recovery process. Within no time I was able to return to the mat and finish my season strong. I believe that the professional therapists at NPR are solely responsible for my quick recovery. Without them, I would have gone through a lengthy surgery that would have wasted my time and caused me a great deal of unnecessary pain.

Thank you Northville Physical Rehabilitation, I couldn't have done it without you!


I thought everyone I worked with at Northville Physical Therapy was wonderful. You all seem to really care about people. I always looked forward to coming [. . .] The actual rooms were so much more attractive than the other two places I went to. You also had so many more machines. The TVs were also appreciated!


I am very grateful to Northville Physical Rehabilitation Center for the service they provided to me. Everyone was incredibly friendly and kind. I felt very comfortable going there and I felt improvement right after the first week. I recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy. Thank you everyone...


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